Many drugs and medicines that are suspected to have detrimental impact on road user performance

Driving safely drug-free

Counteract the scourge of drink driving as well as driving under the influence of drugs and medicines

Road safety should come first

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General deterrence and targeted operations


Increasing awareness of the dangers of drug-impaired and drink driving


Substantial fines and loss of drivers license.

Roadside safety prevention

The success of the program for random roadside testing for alcohol and drugs in Australia

Roadside testing programs in Australia are very common due to the vastness of the country and the fact that the areas and cities of the continent are interconnected with a complex and extensive road and highway network which are the main transport means for Australians, be it for recreation or business. Driving and roads are inseparable from Australian life, and due to the fact that the people from down under are so reliant on their vehicles for their everyday needs…

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The better and more reliable roadside test for drugs

Thousands of people are being arrested for driving under the influence of drugs in England and Wales every year. About 60% of them have tested positive on driving under the influence of cocaine and other illegal drugs. Unfortunately, the devices which are being used for roadside drug tests are not completely conclusive in their findings. Many tests of drivers stopped under suspicion of driving under the influence show false positive readings. This is worrisome, since innocent people can get arrested.…

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Blog discussing road safety and how drugs influence it as well as the ways to counteract

The blog deals with the scourge of drink-driving and went to find answers to questions concerning the use of drugs or medicines that affect people’s ability to drive safely.

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